Wednesday, October 07, 2015



There really is no substitute for seeing these features for yourself - call us now to arrange a demo and see all that we have to offer!  However, to give you a sampling we've included a list below of some of the main features we currently offer. 



About Inmate Messaging

  • Proprietary messaging solution (you retain 100% control of message routing and security)
  • Inmate and Public messaging
    • Control inbound and outbound message routing with options to automatically route, withhold delivery, or require approval based on sender, receiver, message content, and other filters
    • Powerful message scoring capabilities including keywords, sender, receiver, etc.
    • Messages can be viewed at Kiosk or can be printed with barcode for direct inmate delivery (where no Kiosk is available)
    • Multiple security settings
    • Confidentiality options
  • Inmate and Staff messaging allows inmate’s to submit requests
    • Custom configure the “message tree” to make request submission easy for the inmate and automatically route to appropriate user or groups of users based on request
    • Available to Correctional Staff and Vending Staff (allows resolution of vending related issues directly by vending staff without consuming jail staff time)
    • Escalation and follow-up methods
    • Audit trail of issue resolution
    • Powerful message search
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