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There really is no substitute for seeing these features for yourself - call us now to arrange a demo and see all that we have to offer!  However, to give you a sampling we've included a list below of some of the main features we currently offer. 


About Trust Accounting / Inmate Banking / Resident Banking

  • GAAP Double-entry Accounting
  • Track negative balances/liens through full-featured Receivables module
  • Inmate Trust Account is tracked after release (maintains negative balances for recovery of funds by collection or later incarceration)
  • Powerful Transaction and Fund Allocation management designed specifically for Jail Accounting
    • Control allocation of funds based on transaction type, point of transaction, account, account status, and other information
    • Control transaction and balance limits (eg. min/max) based on transaction type, point of transaction, account, account status, and other information
    • Control transaction fees
  • Booking and Release Wizards
  • Check Management
    • Check encoding features available
    • Customizable check formats
    • Check batch sharing and strict control over check batches
    • Positive Pay export files
    • Print check signatures on checks
  • Bank Reconciliation (including automated statement import and reconciliation)
  • Transactions
    • Security can control which Users/Accounts are permitted to perform which tpes of transactions and with what limits
    • Customizable receipts
    • Signature capture
    • Easy-to-use Wizard guides Users through process of fixing errors
  • Customizable Account Groups - Account Groups allow you to group inmates for the purposes of:
    • Security – what features they can access from the Kiosk, Web and Phone services
    • Commissary – product availability and pricing
    • Accounting – transaction limits, etc.
    • Messaging
    • General - general grouping for reporting and other purposes
  • Indigent Management
  • Obligations
  • Receivables including automated payment and receivables recapture/recovery
  • Bills / Site Charges
    • Setup recurring Site Charges with a few simple clicks
    • Schedule automatic Site Charges with a few simple clicks


About Cash Management

  • Deposit Cash into cash machines at Booking workstations, Booking Kiosks, Bail Kiosks, or Public Lobby Kiosks (cards also accepted)
  • Cash Tills
  • Bill Acceptor (cash machine) integration
  • Automatically counts cash
  • Checks for fraudulent bills
  • Easy cash reconciliation
  • Detailed chain of custody
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