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Can Your Software do THIS?

How does your current software and service providers rank against our Solutions?  Take the eXpress "Can Your Software do THIS?" Challenge and find out what you're missing!


Turnkey Corrections Solutions that "Walk the Walk"

We Walk the Walk - our Features, Flexibility, Scalability and Ease-of-use speak for themselves. To Learn more about the Best in Inmate Kiosk, Lobby Kiosk, Web Deposit, Web Commissary, and Jail Software Solutions follow the links below:


We have much more to offer than just Inmate and Lobby Kiosks - learn more about our Inmate Messaging, Trust Accounting, Commissary, Web and Phone Services, and more...


Whether you're a small County Jail looking for a simple Inmate Banking solution or a State-wide DOC looking for a centrally managed Single-Source Kiosk, Messaging, Accounting and Commissary solution WE HAVE WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR...  Learn how we can scale to meet your needs.


Features and flexibility often come at the cost of usability - learn how we've made our Solutions exceptionally easy-to-use while still providing you a wealth of features.

Learn more about how you can choose the Solution that fits your Correctional facility best and have the flexibility to scale as needed.  Call us for a demo and see what you're missing!

An Overivew of eXpress Solutions

When our first Kiosk Solutions were deployed in 2003 we knew that we had to build a Solution that was designed, from the ground-up to be a fully integrated On-line Live Solution.  eXpress was the first Solution in the Correctional market to provide a TRUE 24x7x365 real-time integrated system between Correctional Facilities, Vendors, Inmates, and the Public - eXpress Inmate Kiosk, Web and Corrections Solutions are:

  • Service-based - our Software as a Service (SaaS) model reduces up-front costs and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Fully integrated true Real-Time Solution - we included Kiosk, Web, and Phone concepts in our original Solution design to ensure tight integration - all components of our Solution work together in real-time so the moment a transaction is posted on a Kiosk you can report on it!
  • Flexible for a Best-fit Solution - choose from dozens of Solution modules to get exactly the Solution to meet your needs
  • Easy-to-use - Wizards, multi-lingual interfaces, favorite lists, and natural searches all make our Solutions incredibly easy to use - so you don't need to be a Chartered Accountant to know how to post a transaction, nor a computer programmer to buy Commissary from a Kiosk
  • Multi-Site - the perfect Solution for single sign-on access across multiple Sites, all controlled by our very flexible security model and detailed security audit trail
  • Multi-Vendor - not only are we not tied to a specific vendor, our Solutions support the use of multiple vendors

Typical Software is targeted at a single group of Users with a single interface (either Windows PC or browser) and so the features are designed for that specific interface and user group.  However, the eXpress Solution is a matrix that targets multiple groups of Users across multiple points of service with a wealth of features available to all.


Start Now!

We are actively pursuing interested vendors and correctional facilities that want to be the first in their region to take advantage of the benefits of our software and services.  What does this mean to you? 

We can get you started with our core solution today - no installation, setup, training, or up-front server hardware costs - and no long-term obligations!  What do you have to lose?  Call us today?

Feature Groups (Modules)
Applications (Service Interface Options)
User Groups Serviced

  • Correctional Facilities
  • Vendors
  • Inmates
  • Public
  • System and Hardware Integration
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